Since 2015, Nele Vertommen and Beniamino Paganini collaborate often in different repertories and ensembles. They are both internationally active musicians performing with various ensembles such as Il Gardellino, Collegium Vocale, La Petite Bande, Scherzi Musicali and La Chapelle Harmonique. Furthermore Nele and Beniamino both have their own ensembles – Albero Magistrale and Musica Gloria – with which they play in many formations, depending on the programme.
As duo they performed on various occasions such as concerts, live broadcasts, masses and cultural activities. In 2018 they gave their duo the name I Suonatori Poetici. Their concerts are received as musical feasts with an exceptional variety of affects, combinations of instruments and sound colours. This partially because they both play several baroque instruments on high level: baroque oboe, traverso, recorder, voice, harpsichord & organ.

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Un viaggio musicale particolare

Eine besondere musicalische Reise